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Local & National TV Stations

 CBS-13-WTVG    ABC-11-WTOL    NCB-24-WNWO    FOX-36-WUPW

 Fox News         CNN News    

News Paper Links

 Findlay-The Courier     Toledo-The Blade    USA Today    Wall Street Journal

Reference Links

 Wikipedia - The free-content encyclopedia (*** EVERYTHING ***)

 Reference.Com – Dictionary and Thesaurus

 Merriam-Webster Online – Online Dictionary

 Zip Codes - US Postal Service ZIP code lookup.

 Google Earth – Satellite images (

 Virtual Earth – Satellite images (

 TerraServer – Satellite Images.  Free 8-meter images, purchase hi-res. 

Science & Nature

  Heavens Above – Satellite viewing information.  Iridium Flares, Space Station, etc.

  NASA            Eclipses            Shuttle & ISS            

  eNature - Information about animals and nature. - How things get done. - How things get done too.

  Enchanted Learning - Just about everything!!!

  Ask Dr. Universe – Science questions answered.  (Washington State University)

  Everything2 – As implied, information on everything.

  Math World – Extensive Mathematics Resource.

  Weather Underground – Good weather site with a lot of historical weather information (almanac). – Weather, Forcasts, Satellite, etc.

Food & Drinks

 Robbie’s Recipes – Online Recipes.  Copycat recipes from Restaurants and Others.

 CD Kitchen – Online Recipes.  Copycat recipes from Restaurants and Others.

 Drinks Mixer – Over 10,000 Online Drink Recipes. 

Auctions, Online Retail, Reviews & Information     - Price Comparison Sites.

New Egg – Online PC components.  Fast service and great prices.

 E-Bay – Online auctions of everything. – Auction site for computers and electronics.

Imaging Resource – Great Camera Reviews and Information.

 Consumer Reports – Online information from Consumer Reports Magazine.

McMaster-Carr     – All kinds of hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, springs, pipe, fittings …) - Ships same day, often arrives next day.

 Digikey       Newark Electronics  -  Electronic components

Best Buy     Sears     – Online retail stores.

Online Utilities (Conversions & Constants)

  Digital Dutch        Online Conversion   -  Online Unit Conversion Pages.

  NIST – NIST Reference on Constants and Units.

Other Information

  Tucows        ZD Net        PC World  - Computer Shareware & Software.

  MapQuest - Driving directions, Maps . . .

  Flight Tracking – Real time flight tracking of commercial flights.

  FactCheck.Org – Independent Fact Checks (political). - Site that verifies or debunks many urban legends.

  Popular Science Magazine      

  Areis Online – Lucas County Auditor’s Real Estate Information System.

  Lucas County Clerk of Courts – Clerk of Courts Docket.

  IMDb – Internet Movie Database.

Business Links

 Bay Controls, LLC : Bay Controls Intranet     BayWatch Monitoring Service    Phase Solutions

 Marathon Petroleum Company LLC

School Information

 School Notes - School Information.   Ft. Miami     Gateway     Maumee HS

 University of Toledo        Rockets      Swimming

 Directions/Maps to High Schools  - Over 26,000 High Schools across the U.S.

 Ohio High School Athletic Association  - Records, schedules, results and information.  Football